Once upon a time, there was a beautiful male  Tiger cub by the name of Frankie.

Someday Frankie would become King of the jungle.  Frankie’s father was almost

always away hunting and so Frankie had to rely on his magnificent mother, who

was named Thunder, to teach him what he would need to know to become King.


Frankie was a quick study and he was unusually large for a Bengal Tiger.

When he reached his prime, he would be much bigger than his father.

Frankie killed his first animal when he was just two months old.  It was a

wild boar, and it was twice his size.  He dragged his trophy back to mama Thunder,

and she gave him three affectionate licks to his face.


When Frankie was the equivalent of a teenager, he got into a lot of trouble by

raiding the livestock of a local village.  He was happy that these animals were easy

to catch and they tasted better than wild boar.  Soon Frankie was full grown and he

was the largest Tiger in the jungle and no other male Tiger dared to challenge him.

It was not long before Frankie was raiding all 37 villages in the hundred square mile

area.  Frankie would attack at night under the cover of darkness, and the villagers

were terrified.  Frankie had not yet killed any people from the villages, but they

feared that it was just a matter of time.


On Frankie’s last raid, the villagers were waiting for him and they threw three spears

tipped with poison into his shoulder.  Frankie barely got away before the poison

knocked him unconscious.  He was successful in finding a hidden cave about three

miles from the village, and he went into the cave and passed out.

For three days and three nights his body was racked by the villagers poison and he

nearly died on the cold floor of the cave.  His heart slowed down to barely a murmur,

he was plagued by seizures and convulsions, and his body temperature was

sky high.  He had headaches that felt like his skull was being crushed.

He had become severely dehydrated and he was too dizzy to walk.

He dreamed about his mother, Thunder, and he whimpered like a baby cub.

He was scared for the first time in his life.


Within two weeks the poison finally wore off and Frankie could slowly walk to go find

water and food.  Frankie was able to kill enough small rodents to fill his stomach.

He did this for several days and his strength began to come back.


One month later, Frankie attacked five more villages in a single night, starting with

the village where the Elders had wounded him with the spears.  He was filled with

a burning rage, killed the village chief and took one of their animals for food.


Over the course of the next month, Frankie raided every village in the area,

killing all 37 chiefs from each of the villages.  A massive hunting party was being

built to track down and kill Frankie.  Frankie’s mother,  Thunder, was in danger too.

On a full moon night in June, Frankie found his mother and told her everything.

She clawed his face with a quickness that surprised him and she said,

“Frankie, they are going to kill you and probably me too!”


Thunder told Frankie, ” You must surrender your addiction to killing humans

and their animals now, or it will consume you!”  Thundered roared out,

“You have been in denial about your addiction for a long time,and now every

village in the land wants you dead!  Did you not see how your madness has been

eating you alive?  You attacked the first village a long time ago, and your

obsession grew to where you attacked every village in the land.

We have to live with the villagers and respect their ways, but all of that

is destroyed now.


With strength and confidence, Thunder said, Frankie, you must find a power

greater than yourself that will cure you of your insanity.  You need to find that

higher power now!  I can be your higher power, but you must do exactly as I say,

or you are going to die!  Frankie paced back and forth across the red clay earth

and growled like a demon as he remembered the three poison spears and

almost dying on the floor of the cave.


Thunder said,”Frankie the resentment and anger and rage that you have

inside of you, is much more powerful and deadly than what those villagers

put on the end of those spears!  You must surrender or die!

If you will surrender your life to me, I will carry us away to a virgin jungle

that has no humans and we will be free.  If you stay here, you will be killed in

a day’s time.  If you surrender your life to me right now, I will save both of us.


“You will never have another chance to be cured of your addiction,

so surrender now.  I love you Frankie, and I will guide you out of the madness

of your addiction and into the light of freedom and a better life.


Remember Frankie, I am your higher power, and you have surrendered your

life to me.  We will run swiftly tonight and if we find other Tigers in trouble,

we will bring them with us and you will have a chance to make up for your

mistakes by helping them.  Only a Tiger like you who has done the things

that you have done, can help another Tiger in trouble.

You must decide now Frankie!


Frankie gave a loud growl that went on for a long time, and then he looked

into the eyes of his mother and said with relief, “Yes, Thunder, I choose you

as my higher power, and I will accept your guidance from now on.”

Never again will I be a killer of villagers and their animals.”

“With love and relief in her heart, Thunder said,

Frankie, your surrender has saved your life and mine.

The virgin jungle is calling us, can you hear it?

Let’s go now in joy, for it is time to claim our freedom.

Let’s run for the promised land tonight and start our new life!



About The Author

Robert J. Allison lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota with his wife Rochelle Allison. Robert survived a 28-year battle with chemical dependency, including 13 chemical dependency treatment centers and homelessness. He surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and began his new life of faith and contented sobriety. Robert has been blessed with 18 years of sobriety and with his new freedom he now is helping other addicts to find peace, faith and the priceless gift of sobriety.

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