Saved By The Prince of Peace – Dungeon To Sky

Victory In The Face Of Overwhelming Odds. The Miracle of Recovery.

This compelling book will help you understand what you or your addicted family member or friend is up against, how the addict thinks, how the disease of addiction progresses and how to find the spiritual solution. Recovery starts with complete surrender. Miracles can and do happen in the lives of addicts every day.

Miracles can happen for you or your family member or your friend, just like they did for Robert J. Allison. In this book, the author digs deep into subjects like spiritual and character issues, a day in my life as an addict, powerlessness, preoccupation with drug use, destructive behavior, and treatment and relapse.

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Book Robert J. Allison for Speaking Engagements

Speaking Topics

• What is the disease of addiction?
• What is the mental obsession and the physical craving?
• Why can’t addicts stop using once they start? (THIQ)
• How are families and friends of addicts affected by addiction?
• Why can addiction only be defeated by a spiritual solution?
• Why do addicts have such a difficult time with relationships?
• Why is complete surrender the key to achieving sobriety?

What You Will Learn

• Find freedom from the horrors of addiction.
• Build and create a new sober life and become who God wants you to be.
• Be blessed by the gift of helping others to achieve sobriety.
• Families and friends of addicts can learn to gain spiritual strength, peace of mind and independence.

Changing Lives

“Bob has a powerful message to share, a message that can change lives if it is heard. I would recommend having Bob speak to any group that needs to hear the message of hope, resilience, forgiveness, and healing.”
~ Shelley Skarda BS, LADC, Program Director of Meadow Creek

“Thanks again for coming to Central and sharing your story with our students. Your story had a great impact on our students. They were still talking about your visit the next day! I appreciate your straight forward approach to your story. You didn’t hold back anything, especially when answering the students questions. I would highly recommend you as a guest speaker. My students definitely benefited from your visit.”
~ Laura Treichel, Central High School

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